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Easy To Put On Sun Protection Patch

It is said that preventation is better than cure. Indeed, it is; more so when the risk factor involved is the deadly skin cancer. Ph, wait! We're not trying to scare you. Instead, we've got a great protection gear for your nose.

Ladies and gentleman, presenting Nose Guard with UPF 50+ protection - your nose's ultimate shield from the harmful UV/UVA rays and skin cancer. Now busk in the sunshine in all your glory without any worry.

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The most stylish and versatile nose sun protection device to date, the Nose Safe. Simply attach the adjustable hook & loop strap onto your glasses or goggles and go!

UV Nose Safe Shield UPF 50+

Nose Safe is made from hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone, which is easy to cut for a custom fit

Easy to put on sun protection patch. Just wrap the flap of Nose UV Guard around the bridge of your glasses

Nose safe is long lasting, lightweight, & comfortable.

Can be used by both children and adults sunglasses nose safe is perfect for recreational activities like fishing, biking, snowboarding, etc.

Lightweight and Comfortable

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Revolutionary Nose Safe Is Here!


Some great reviews of our great customers!


 I came across this product looking for a UV nose guard for my husband he always gets sunburned on his nose figured this would be great cause he can just snap it on his glasses . Really was shocked how well it worked awesome product really can be used for the whole family UV nose guard is awesome


Finding this sun nose guard has been the ultimate life hack! I grew sick and tired of getting sunburned on my face especially my nose every time I visited the beach. This weekend my sisters and I visited the Cayman Islands and this nose guard has been the ultimate life saver. It provided nose sun protection that I never knew existed before. I highly recommend this nose guard for anyone that is tired of sunburns.


This is the best UV nose guard I ever used. You do not need any grease, easy adjustable for any nose size, and hooks up to your sunglasses. They offer three different colors in one package, so my grandchildren used the bright color units.
Excellent addition to your sunglasses for beach, skiing, or cruise.


I work in construction company and sometime I need to spend the whole day under the sun lights. This uv nose guard really saved my life. It's a great device for nose sun protection. I used it both for work and for hobby, since I like fishing. And because it's set of 3 my daughter uses it also.


Keep nose cancer at bay with the revolutionary UV nose guard. UV nose guard is a lightweight and comfortable nose protector, made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone that saves your nose from excessive sun exposure and the resultant impact of the harmful UV radiation. UV nose guards are customizable and comes in a variety of colors.

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